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Rethinking Knowledge

Design has the power to shape our world and with that comes a high degree of responsibility. Designers are at the centre working with all types of subject matter experts to create intended outcomes and so require a breadth of knowledge that is not always cultivated in classrooms or workplace environments.

Rethinking Problem Solving

Designers need to focus on the entire design system. This includes understanding the audience, optimizing for the problem, and creating designs that delight people. Designers must contend with a multitude of variables and dimensions in the problem space.

Rethinking Social Good

Design is a professional activity that can impact everything from business to our social activities and culture. Designers evaluate considerations like ethics, environmental and social impact, and these capabilities are needed now more than ever in areas that improve humanity as a whole.

How We Help

The Puddleshaker community is made up of diverse and multi-faceted designers. This amount of human capital is often distributed across business or consumer enterprise. Puddleshaker’s community has the potential to make significant impacts on the betterment of society.

How We Work

We post unique design challenges for our community to solve. Supported by a mentor, each 4-week challenge helps a not-for-profit organization overcome challenges in areas like human-centred design, strategy, and technology. Teams of up to 5 people can take on a design challenge.

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Unlock a higher potential in yourself and give back to important causes for social good. This community knows no borders, and unites you with opportunities and connections to elevate yourself and others. We invite you to be part of this rapidly growing global community of people and organizations.

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Tell us about a challenge you're having and we'll work with you to establish a design challenge for the community to rally around, allowing you to remain focused on other priorities.

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- What people say

I certainly appreciated the opportunity to work on a project that I would not have otherwise been able to work on, and with fellow designers that I had not ever met but that I had things that I learned from through this process. Additionally, I really appreciated that we were able to work through a challenge that has the potential to make a direct and positive impact on society.