About Puddleshaker

A little more about the organization and the people behind it


Puddleshaker.org is a not-For-Profit organization and a force for change in implementing, influencing, and promoting social good. In servicing individuals, not-for-profits and for-profit organizations committed to social good, we impact people’s everyday lives. Through our activities with our community and partners we follow the principle – “do not just as we say but also as we do.”


  • Advancing social good and the promotion of community within the field of design and design-thinking
  • Promoting a forum for the discussion and fostering of interests, technology, and sciences designed to improve global welfare and international relationships
  • Promoting the principles of socially good government, business, and citizenship
  • Uniting and empowering people interested in the bonds of friendship, kindness, and mutual understanding
  • Holding conferences, meetings, and exhibitions for the discussion and action to create positive change for all


  • To be a leader and focal point bringing individuals, for-profits, not-for-profits, government, and academic institutions together to create social good
  • To be a leading light in the design community advocating for the profession and its community of designers as leaders and key stakeholders in shaping our future

The People Behind The Organization


Robert Rinaldi

Chief Organizational Lead


Seul Lee

Head of Community Operations


Michael Plater Findlay

Head of Organizational Strategy


Laura Snider

Head of Customer Outreach

Japjeet Kaur

Coordinator, UX Marketing

Malik Pecco

Coordinator, Customer Outreach

Sam Epelman

Specialist, UX Assurance

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