Reshaping The Future

Through a unique platform of social change leaders incorporating individuals, institutions and organizations.

Make it real

Every design challenge is unique and helps a Not-For-Profit organization and the people they serve for the better.


Challenge yourself to work alongside others with diverse experiences, skills, knowledge, and perspectives.

Acquire knowledge

Apply what you know, and more importantly, gain opportunities to learn from others.

Grow your network

You are as strong as the people around you. Take this opportunity to grow your network and strengthen yourself.

Join The Community

Help yourself and make a difference in the world all at the same time.



- What people say

I certainly appreciated the opportunity to work on a project that I would not have otherwise been able to work on, and with fellow designers that I had not ever met but that I had things that I learned from through this process. Additionally, I really appreciated that we were able to work through a challenge that has the potential to make a direct and positive impact on society.

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