Design Challenge

CAFK+A - Artist Centre

Project Details



Arts and Entertainment

Skills Requirements

Service Design




Current situation

There are so many organizations acting independently, how can we bring everyone together, or create something new and innovative in the face of COVID 19? Artists are part of the lowest-paid demographic. They are also the most innovative. However, Kitchener Waterloo is one of the only places in Canada that does not have an artist-run centre yet we are one of the wealthiest cities.


The goal of this project is to bring artists, organizations and resources together under one umbrella, increase more collaboration and less competition.


Users who we identified are:
  • Artists
  • Art organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Schools
The pain points are:
  • There is a disconnect between multiple organizations and creatives
  • There are siloed organizations that are disconnected

Potential Deliverables

As a result of this project, users would have the ability to create more work, more meaningful work and gain more visibility. Also, non-native people from Kitchener-Waterloo will have more access and be able to integrate into the community with a smoother transition. The following could be success matrix:
  • There is an uptake within the Artistic community
  • Multiple organizations partner together
  • Increase in artist visibility

Other Notes

  • This is not the first time the issue of an artist-run centre has been tackled. There was a round table and there are other non-profits and attempts. There are issues with longevity and uptake.

Final Executive Summary

We have conducted surveys and interview to identify the need. Created a database of artists resources to help the foundation of the community.