Design Challenge

CAMRF - Website Design & Development

Project Details


Arts and Entertainment

Skills Requirements

User Research, Visual Design




Current situation

Because of the coronavirus, low income artists and musicians are in dire need of monetary support. There are currently a few social media channels set up for use, as well as a basic landing page website, but what is needed is a roadmap and strategy on how to get this out to as many people as we possibly can within our short time constraints.


Build website to attract donors to CAMRF and reach the target goal of $100,000 CAD in donations.


The user is yet to be determined until the design challenge is underway and the results have been reviewed. The stakeholders involved with this project include:
  • Musicians, Artists, Performers 
  • Galleries, Theater, Venues (Restaurants) 
  • Administrative staff 
  • Service industry and gig work- (lowest income bracket)


We need a low-cost solution that is simple and can be managed by the two people who are managing this initiative.

Other Notes

Constraints: Due to the nature of this cause, there is a time constraint for getting a solution ready for implementation. We need to quickly form the team and get to work as soon as possible.

Final Executive Summary

MVP features created within the website:
  1. Explain how & what the fund is 
  2. Use numbers/data visualization to tell a story 
  3. Explain how money is being used
  4. Have artist quotes 
  5. Links to social media