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Cellular Agriculture Canada - Website Strategy

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Skills Requirements

Design Strategy




Current situation

One of the biggest challenges is keeping the website up to date with limiting resources. Cellular Agriculture Canada (Cellag) have a "Resources" section that needs to be updated continuously, but they have not been able to do it due to lack of people and time. Currently they collect information from news and social media, and update on the “resource” section of the website.


Cella want to keep their website to keep updated so that they can reduce time spent on researching and updating the website.


Primarily admin and other volunteers would use the result of this project. In terms of the website, the user is hard to define, maybe General public and companies who are interested? But they want to focus on youth (Millennials, GenZ) to visit their website. The main pain point for admin and volunteers is limited time. There is a learning curve and restrictions on Squarespace. They spend a lot of time searching for suitable articles. But they have around 5 people spending 3-8 hours per week on the entire organization so we are not sure how much time  should spend on updating the website either.


Cellag want the solution to be simple and quick that results in reducing time spent on research and updating on the website. If possible, more traffic to the website as well.


Cellag use Squarespace and our budget is very low. They are expecting to have some kind of strategy (may be possible automation strategy) and implementation process document at the end of the project.

Final Executive Summary

The design team started with a goal of improving the resources page update process done by volunteers and admin and increasing weekly visitors to the cell-ag website. With further research, we decided that also including recommendations would also be helpful to the overall goal of the project. To get to the final solution we utilized multiple methods including competitive research and analysis, interviews, prototype ideation and user testing. Early on in our process, we realized a crucial aspect of this entire project and any project really: accurately identifying and understanding what the problem is that is being solved makes the process much smoother and saves time. Based on final stakeholder consultations and the end user testing of our prototype, we finalized our solutions for Cellular Agriculture with a multi-pronged approach. We proposed a template that follows an efficient process for volunteers and admin to update the Cell Ag website using the SquareSpace platform; created recommendations for a social media strategy to increase engagement and website traffic; and created a website SEO improvement strategy.