Design Challenge

Colleaga - UX Design

Project Details



Health and Wellness

Skills Requirements

User Research, Visual Design, Service Design




Current situation

Colleaga has developed a brand and navigation style to assist users performing learning and doing activities with various tools in various zones.


The goal of this project is to build on and improve the existing unified digital brand experience that simplifies the user experience navigating through zones, programs and tools.


Users who we identified are:
  • Colleaga Prospects
  • Members
  • Innovation Fellows


Current workflow is: Email invitation wepage - registration - collaboration zone - apply for fellowship - acceptance - join accelerator - learn - do. We want to know what issues are ther with current workflow and receive recommend solutions: minor fixes, major changes. (For prioritized major changes - propose project)


We want to fail fast - we want to ideate, build, test, measure, and repeat as efficiently as possible in order to get to a working solution as quickly as possible. We want visual enhancement that simplify the user experience, IA improvement for a given page.

Potential Deliverables

  • Current style guide with recommended changes
  • List of minor and major recommended changes
  • Proposal for major changes

Other Notes

Colleaga has a brand style guide and a InVision prototype that can be shared with the team. Also, Colleaga will provide other collateral when ready to start. Once this challenge is done, we expect:
  • Users will have a simpler, easier to understand experience learning and doing on the platform. There will be less opportunities for users to get lost or disoriented.
  • Have an updated brand style guide and a set of minor changes to make.
  • Have a roadmap for major changes with Design.local as the design partner.

Final Executive Summary

Over four weeks, we worked to improve the Colleaga user experience in preparation for a event launch. During this process, we moved through the signup process and site features in order to asses the user journey, style guide, and copy. We provided the team with feedback using Figma and Word documents, as well as verbally during Zoom meetings. Also, an established roadmap for Colleaga to continue to action recommendations.