Design Challenge

Maison Verte - Brand & Event design

Project Details



Agriculture, Environmental

Skills Requirements

Visual Design, Service Design




Current situation

Maison Verte is looking to understand where they can bring value in the supply chain and would like to create workshops and seminars to teach people about food systems, growing their own food and reducing the stigma around sustainable food being expensive and/or inconvenient.


The goal of this project is to help with building a brand and marketing workshops that are tailored towards food system/food economic education. This specific project is a social good project around an area with rising concerns -- what will the future look like if food becomes expensive or there are increasing trends of food shortages, and how do I build a trusted food system where I understand where my food comes from. People will be aware or be able to build a new skill set around growing their food or an understanding of food systems. The sustainable food community will be elevated and grow stronger, through sharing their learnings and experiences on growing meaningful yields of food from their own home. We would like people to become self-sufficient, and grow in confidence to the point that they are willing to experiment & share their learnings back with the community as citizen scientists.


Users who we identified are:
  • Urban dwellers with limited outdoor growing space
  • Community Gardens
  • Schools (elementary, secondary, post-secondary)
  • Everyday consumers (Grocery shoppers)
The pain points:
  • These are all people who are impacted by the supply chain or have the ability to make better decisions when purchasing food.
  • Provide nudges to grow interest amongst students to become interested in the agriculture/agri-tech field.
  • Lower cost, and improved accessibility to fresh food year-round at home


We want to host knowledge-sharing workshops virtually on growing your own organic produce. We would love feedback on how to build an engaging workshop + help with designing an outreach campaign.
  • Repeat activities: sign up for multiple future workshops, that build on their learnings. Share their experiences & interact with us on social media/blog to build community. Continue to grow & harvest crops.
  • One time activities: subscribe to newsletters and updates, buy supplies to start growing at home.


We want to see interaction with the community go up, we would like to be seen as advisors/SMEs. We would like an increase in subscribers, larger event requests, and larger event attendance. The value to us is that we are able to have a process in place for urban gardening while Design.local is able to facilitate new challenge in agriculture, one of the fastest-growing tech sectors.

Potential Deliverables

We would like to run this project agile scrum, right now we have a dream to see interaction and interest go up and would like to set metrics to measure those goals - having an agile approach to development will let us pivot and measure metrics reasonably as we progress over the next 4 weeks. We would like templates to run these workshops with an as little administrative burden as possible so we can focus on content. Eg. a uniform template/marketing strategy for events & communications surrounding them (pre & post-event engagement)
  • Automated email marketing
  • Vendor/Platform comparisons
Outcomes could include a once a month workshop and a quarterly specialized news emailer.

Other Notes

  • There are agri-tech companies and people in the Waterloo Food Systems group interested in similar but not the exact same problem we are looking to tackle. We have partnered with groups and started building a network as we believe this is a pie that needs to be shared in order to see development/progress.

Final Executive Summary

The team created branding (style guide, logo and sample designs for social media usages) and workshop guidelines (including themes, timeline, marketing, and structures) with templates.