Design Challenge

Only Connect - Entrepreneurship

Project Details



Arts and Entertainment

Skills Requirements

Service Design, Business Design, Marketing UX


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Current situation

Only Connect supports artists and creators with the practical aspects of surviving as a creator. Oftentimes, creators are not well-versed in the operational requirements for finances and business planning. This leads to creators being hampered in their success due to inadequate planning or management of funds.


Creators of all kinds (visual artists, musicians, composers, podcasters, videographers, entrepreneurs, etc) who lack the skills, knowledge, or training to effectively manage the business aspects of their endeavours


This project seeks to create useful artefacts for creators to manage the business part of their activities. The Only Connect team will need:
  • Concepts / prototypes for tools that could be used by creators to support their work
  • Recommendations for the further development and distribution of these tools
This project should deliver:
  1. A prototype of tool(s) for creator use (Under Creative Commons’ Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license)
  2. Recommendations for further development and refinement of the tool(s)
  3. A plan for the promotion and adoption of the tool(s) by creators

Measurement of Success

User feedback indicates the artifacts can be utilized and incorporated in their activities.

Additional Notes

  • The output will need to meet CC-BY 4.0. license standards