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Only Connect - Funding Strategy

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Business Design


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Current situation

With the rise of the pandemic, Only Connect has found increasing difficulties in accessing funding to support its activities. Previously viable sources of financial support have proven more difficult to access, and opportunities for funding appear to be fewer.


Only Connect staff and volunteers


This project seeks to identify scalable ways for Only Connect to reliably pursue more funding opportunities. The Only Connect team will need:
  • A plan that will improve their success for identifying funding opportunities
  • Recommendations and/or best practices for success for their funding applications with identified funding opportunities
This project should deliver:
  1. Research to support the identification of relevant funding opportunities for 2021 and beyond
  2. A framework for seeking relevant funding opportunities for the future
  3. A best practices guide to creating grant applications that are more likely to be successful

Measurement of Success

A document that allows the organization a clear process and framework for successfully executing on funding opportunities and that puts them in the best possible position to receive funding.