Design Challenge

Pride Certified - Branding Design

Project Details



Human Rights, Community

Skills Requirements

Visual Design, Design Strategy




Current situation

It is difficult to find out if businesses and organizations cater to LGBTQ+ communities directly or if they are LGBTQ+ friendly or it is not within their missions and Values. Therefore, Pride Certified wants to create a larger sense of inclusivity within the Waterloo Region and the community at large.


The goal of the project is to create branding and seal stamp to distribute to establishes, businesses, and organizations. We want the logo to be very recognizable and to give people of the LGBTQ+ community a sense of comfort.   This will help the local community, specifically, the LGBTQ+ community, identify safe spaces as well as assist other community members to help advocate and encourage safe spaces for everyone. By having Pride Certified on, we believe we can create a safe, inclusive, and nurturing community.


The primary users we identified, are the business employers, who are looking to create a more inclusive work environment in the service industry (restaurants, hospitality, travel agents, transportation, healthcare, finances, insurance, real estate, etc).   The secondary users are the LGBTQ+ Community and a larger Local Community and hopefully National as well.


Businesses can apply and/or be sourced to be Prided Certified. This will hopefully have longevity within Waterloo Region and beyond.  

Other Notes

  • This is a new project and endeavor. Pride Certified recently, in April, received non-profit status. This is the first of its kind in the Waterloo Region.
  • Requirements include inclusion and sensitivity to LGBTQ+ communities.
  • The logo, in particular, is important and the goal of the project as it will also be or closely related to the certification of Pride Certified. This logo will be featured in our “members” establishments. The hope is to use the branding created by Design.local Problem Solvers as the core outward facing voice of Pride Certified.
  • Pride Certified's mission: To lead, develop, and maintain a standard of inclusivity, diversity, and equality that businesses need to maintain to be a Pride Certified business. To educate businesses and services on how to have diverse and inclusive business practices and foster a culture centered around sexual orientation equality and gender equality for their employees and their customers. To create an identifiable way to locate businesses that are committed to providing inclusive LGTBQ+ services for the community.
  • Pride Certified's vision: To identify businesses that are committed to educating themselves on creating inclusive and diverse spaces for the LGTBQ+ community.

Final Executive Summary

Created logo and recommendations for growing and developing the brand identity.