Code Of Ethics

The guiding principles that make Puddleshaker unique

1. We create for everyone

Puddleshaker strives to create value for everyone involved, from our community members, the not-for-profit organizations we serve, as well as our corporate sponsors and partners. As such, our work is intended to be inclusive – regardless of language, culture, politics, religion, geography, race, gender, ability, class, or education. When we create for others, we include them in our process, and keep the intended audience at the core of our work. We recognize unconscious biases exist, and we establish our teams and practices to account for those biases wherever possible.

2. We work together

The success of our projects and events depend on the contributions of everyone involved. We commit to holding ourselves and our teammates accountable, for supporting one another to accomplish our shared goals, and in to celebrate our achievements collectively. We encourage all of our members to ask for help when they need it, and to look for opportunities to lighten others’ loads.

3. We're here to learn

Puddleshaker seeks to create opportunities to gain knowledge, share skills and experience, and create social good, both individually and collectively. At any stage in our journeys, we have the opportunity to learn from those further down the path and from those just starting. As members of the Puddleshaker community, we will learn from one another and approach our interactions with openness and curiosity.

4. We are challenging and respectful

We learn from the feedback of others and from thoughtful dialogue. Our community gains from understanding the people we are creating for and we will challenge one another to check assumptions and evaluate ideas. While we encourage constructive discussion and debate, we do not tolerate any kind of action or speech that attacks, diminishes, or can otherwise can others – inside or outside of our community.

5. Puddleshaker belongs to everyone

Puddleshaker’s success relies on a process of continuous improvement. The organization will evolve and its activities will change over time to serve our community, not-for-profits, and our corporate sponsors and partners. This evolution requires ongoing feedback from all of our stakeholders. We encourage our community to help us identify how we can improve and what new opportunities might exist for us.

6. We create value through social good

Puddleshaker is a platform for creating social good. This is done through our design challenges, our events, our community dialogue, and from how we engage with our audiences online and in-person. Our objective is to help individuals and organizations thrive through solving problems altruistically. Puddleshaker is not a platform for individual monetary gain or for direct commerce. While we may seek revenue to support the organization’s ongoing activities, our community, the not-for-profit partners we serve, and our corporate sponsors and partners do not directly receive payment for Puddleshaker activities.

What we do when there's a problem

If a member of the Puddleshaker community is acting outside of this code of ethics, we encourage members to notify the administration team of any and all incidents. This can be done through our Slack channel by DM to any of the administration team, or by emailing The administration team will review the report and take action to rectify the situation.

Puddleshaker reserves the right to exclude a community member due to any violation of our code of ethics.