Cellular Agriculture Canada

The mission to support and promote the cellular agriculture industry.
Not-For-Profit, Challenge Organization
Our vision is to connect all stakeholders (academia, industry, government, and consumers) that believe in the power of cellular agriculture. We think that a positive transformation of the agricultural system and the way we eat requires a shift in the way we think about novel foods. Reimagining how we eat and produce our food would require all hands on deck and we are here to catalyze the change! The demand to feed a global population of 10 billion by 2050 is challenging our food systems. A recent report released by the World Economic Forum, “Meat: the Future Series- Alternative Proteins”, has shown that depending solely on animal farming to meet the future protein needs could have severe consequences for the environment, food security and global health. This issue has raised the question of how we can continue to produce healthy, safe, and accessible food more sustainably.